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Author J. David Goodman
Affiliate New York Times
Date October 2017
In Categories: News
In Project Series: MJP - CJRA

A new law enacted in June gave New York City police officers the discretion to issue a civil summons, rather than a criminal one, for offenses such as public urination and public drinking. It appears that many officers have opted to do neither. Criminal summonses for certain quality-of-life offenses covered by the law have declined: […]

Author James C. McKinley, Jr.
Affiliate New York Times
Date August 9, 2017
In Categories: News

For years, beginning in the 1990s, aggressive enforcement of minor offenses, like riding a bike on a sidewalk or drinking in public, was a fundamental part of policing in New York. But one of the lasting consequences of that enforcement has become a major policy dilemma, as more and more people lived with the threat […]

Author Greg Berman and Julian Adler
Date July 2017
In Categories: News

Last week, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance announced a new slate of reforms aimed at avoiding criminal prosecution for approximately 20,000 non-violent misdemeanor cases per year. Going forward, individuals arrested for jumping the subway turnstile and minor drug possession in Manhattan will be held accountable through engagement in social services rather than conventional prosecution. Vance’s […]

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Author Jonathan Allen
Date June 2017
In Categories: News

New York City will release new rules for police on Tuesday curbing the practice of bringing criminal charges against people caught drinking alcohol or urinating in public, among other minor offenses, in a shift championed by civil rights advocates. City officials hope the effort will keep tens of thousands of people out of the city’s […]

Author Melissa Mark-Viverito
Date February 2017
In Categories: News

“We must make sure all New Yorkers are on equal footing–and that we are providing a pathway for all New Yorkers to be heard and to succeed. This is who we are.” Brooklyn, New York – New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito delivered her third and final State of the City address, “Who We […]

Author The Lippman Commission
Date April 2017
In Categories: News

In her 2016 State of the City address, New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito called for fundamental criminal justice reform. Titling her speech “More Justice,” Mark-Viverito announced the creation of an independent commission to explore “how we can get the population of Rikers [Island] to be so small that the dream of shutting it […]