Robert Brown

Chair & Associate Professor

Dr. Robert A. Brown is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at North Carolina Central University.  He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Hampton University, his M.S. in Criminology from Indiana State University, and his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati.  Prior to earning his doctorate, he worked as a sentencing mitigation specialist for the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) coordinating offender-specific rehabilitation and supervision plans for offenders at the state and federal levels.  Dr. Brown’s research focuses on street-level interactions between police officers and citizens (e.g., citation, arrest, use of force), the influence of race and gender (of officials and offenders) on criminal justice processing, and the impact of intermediate sanctions and problem-solving courts on rehabilitation and criminal justice processing.  His scholarly work has been published in Justice Quarterly; The Journal of Criminal Justice; Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management; The Journal of Crime and Justice; The Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice; Criminal Justice Studies; and “The Blackwell Companion to Criminology.”  Dr. Brown serves as the program evaluator for the Cumberland County, North Carolina, Veterans Treatment Court, and as the evaluator for the Fayetteville (NC) Police Department’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Program.