Trends in Arrests for Misdemeanor Charges in New York City, 1993-2016

We are pleased to publish our seventh report, Trends in Arrests for Misdemeanor Charges in New York City, 1993-2016, which examines trends in misdemeanor arrests in New York City by charge categories. In this report, we first examine charge categories grouped together to form two broader categories in order to compare arrest charges that are most likely to be complaint-driven (i.e., person-related and victim-related property charges) compared to arrest charges that are less likely to be complaint-driven (i.e., marijuana, drugs other than marijuana, and theft of services). Second, we present trends by individual charge categories including theft of services charges, marijuana charges, drugs other than marijuana charges, person-related charges, victim-related property charges, non-victim-related property charges, vehicle and driving-related charges, trespassing charges, resisting arrest charges, prostitution charges, weapons charges, and all other charges. Both of these sections display the trends in arrests for these charge categories over time by demographics (i.e. gender, race/ethnicity, age) and borough. We present the number of arrests for the charge categories as well as the arrest rate per 100,000 residents, using the specific population base.